Principles of Biology (BI-252)

Winter Term. The course focuses on the basic principles of living organisms, covering plants and animals. 

Download the syllabus for Principles of Biology 252 (lecture) here
Download the syllabus for Principles of Biology 252 (lab) here.



Introduction to Plant Biology (BI-330)

Spring Term. This class provides an in depth introduction to the complex biology of plants and the interaction with their abiotic and biotic environment. 


Chemical Plant Biology (BI-410/510)

Fall Term. Plant Chemical Biology covers the diversity and function of chemical plant traits and their impact on plant-associated organisms. Students learn about compound classes, their regulation, variability, effects and potential applications of plant compounds. This course further provides an understanding of how different plant traits functionally interact including positive (defense syndromes) as well as negative (tradeoffs) effects for the plant. Lectures and discussions will be supplemented with extensive readings from the primary literature. 



Chemical Ecology (BI-407/507)

Fall Term.This special seminar offers insights into the mechanisms controlling interaction of species. Particular emphasis lays on the chemical traits determining plant-herbivore and plant-pathogen interactions.